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Fall Special - Free Onboarding for new TRIO hosting accounts 

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Pricing and Features

Start growing for free. Upgrade to unlock more features

  • Hosting - Essential

    Tous les mois
    Designed for growing businesses needing utlra-secure hosting
    • Free SSL (HTTPS)
    • Secure TRIO-1 server
    • 24/7/365 monitoring and security
    • A firewall with intrusion detection
    • Secure access to your server via SSH
    • Email based support
  • Popular

    Hosting - Business

    Tous les mois
    Perfect for small business or clinics looking for high-security hosting
    • Features of the previous plan plus
    • TRIO Secure space server
    • Increased storage
    • Increased bandwidth
    • Dedicated customer support rep
  • Hosting - Pro TRIO 3.1

    Tous les mois
    Ideal for businesses or growing websites requiring high security and redundancy
    • Features of the previous plan plus
    • 3 isolated secure servers
    • 1 load balancer
    • Data encryption at rest and in transit
    • DDoS protection
    • Daily malware scanning
    • A dedicated IP address
    • A dedicated support rep
  • Hosting - Ultra TRIO 3.2.1

    Tous les mois
    Ideal for medium-sized businesses or high-traffic websites or applications requiring high security
    • Features of the previous plan plus
    • 3 isolated front end secure
    • 2 media distribution servers
    • 1 load balancer
    • A dedicated security team
    • A disaster recovery plan
    • A compliance audit
    • A dedicated account manager
  • Hosting - TRIO Enterprise

    2 450$US
    Tous les mois
    Ideal for large businesses with mission-critical websites or applications requiring high securuity a
    • Features of the previous plan plus
    • Global TRIO server deployment
    • A dedicated network
    • A dedicated storage facility
    • A dedicated application environment
    • A dedicated account team
  • Secure File Share Suite

    Tous les mois
    Sign up for a secure file share application subscription to protect your sensitive data
     30 jours d'essai gratuit
    • End-to-end encryption
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Data loss prevention
    • Auditing and reporting
    • Compliance with HIPAA and GDPR
    • Includes 5 user accounts
    • 5 user blocks are $15 per
  • File Share - User Block

    Tous les mois
    Looking to add to your team? Add block of 5 users to cap up
    • Includes 5 user accounts
    • Grow on demand - add as many block as you need
  • Single Admin User

    Tous les mois
    Good for one account admin user
    • Activates immediately
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